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Invisacooks Invisable Induction Hob in High-Tech-Kitchens

Invisacooks Invisible Induction Hob in High-Tech-Kitchens

The Kitchen is increasingly becoming an Event-Room. New Technologies make life easier for amateur cooks, because many kitchen appliences have intelligently expanded their proven funktions. From the Hood with Music-Player, recipe projectors or the latest, the Invisable Induction Hob by Invisacook.

Invisacook offers a very interesting and new way of cooking food through your countertop with the help of the Invisacook Induction Hob and all of the without any visible Cooking Area.

The Invisacook Induction Hob is installed directly under your 1.2cm thick Ceramic Countertop without further processing necessary, it enables space-saving design in kitchens as the entire Countetop Surface is without any visable markings. It is also possible to cook faster than with conventional Systems, Invisacook also optimizes Energy-Consumption.

Cooking on Countertops thanks to the Invisable Induction Hob by Invisacook

Ceramic Countertops are particularly suitable for the Inviacook for example Infinity, LEVEL, SapienStone, Marazzi. Ceramic Countertops are easy to maintain clean and durable. Ceramic Materials can even withstand temperatures up to 1200C°. Ceramic is also scratch and cut resistant and enables thin Countertops. This means, Kitchen Design can me more filigree.

Ceramik Countertops are completely waterproof and do not absorb any moisture. It is resistant to aggressive and acidic Cleaning-Agents; this enables a correspondingly intense cleaning of the surface.

Cooking on directly on your Countertop, no problem with the Invisacook!

The smart operation of the Invisible Induction Hob

Invisacook offers 4 different Cooktop sizes

Invisacook offers 4 different Cooktop sizes to fit any kitchens needs, from Small-Single-Kitchens to spacious Kitchen Islands. Your Kitchen can now be designed to fit your speciffic needs. When chosing your personal Invisacook, take account of the size of the household and personal preference.

Invisacook 2 Burner mesurements 52,0 x 31,0 cm; 3 Burner mesurements 78,0 x 45,0 cm; 4 Burner mesurements 59,0 x 52,0 cm; 5 Burner mesurements 91,0 x 52,0 cm. The Invisacook an be paired with a Ceramic Table for Indoor&Outdoor use (covered)

What Type of Cookware works best with the Invisacook

Fitting Cookware needs to have a Ferromagnetic bottom, the bottom and Walls of the Cookware should be magnetic. Invisacook recommends the following Cookware:

- InvisaCookware
- Stainless-Steel with magnetic Bottom
- Full Clad-Stainless-Stell

Not fitting Cookware, Aluminum, Glas, Copper, Cast Iron

Invisa Cookware - The cookware for the invisible induction hob

Invisa Cookware - The cookware for the invisible induction hob

Invisacook cleaning and care products

 Invisacook cleaning and care products


The worktop is heavily used during cooking and preparation. In order to maintain the longevity and beauty of your ceramic worktop, it requires special cleaning and care. Depending on the type, a wide variety of cleaning methods are used, which should be taken into account.

For minor soiling, a little TopCleaner and a soft cloth are usually sufficient. With TopCleaner, simple everyday dirt can be removed easily, hygienically and without leaving streaks. It cleans and cares for all kitchen surfaces at the same time.

For more stubborn dirt, we recommend using a small amount of CeramicCleaner. CeramicCleaner easily removes stubborn dirt on ceramic surfaces. With the help of microparticles, CeramicCleaner dissolves and removes layers of oily and greasy dirt, light limescale residue, dried-on food contamination and metal abrasion from pots and knives.

CE - Invisacook cRUus - US and TUV certification - Invisacook CSA - Canada - Invisacook G-Mark - Middle East - Invisacook RCM - Australian Certification - Invisacook UL - USA - Invisacook