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Welcome to the Q&A page, where we hope to answer many of the most frequently asked questions. Please email us from the main page if you don't see an answer to your question and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our system is designed with a noise locator, or a device that emits a beeping sound that starts when you turn on your unit and audibly designates the burner you want to use. The beeping will stop when your pan connects with the cooktop surface.
However, there are other options you can work out with your dealer in order to locate the burner. For example, you may have them etch a spot for each burner, or simply ask them to place a sticker there until you have a feeling for where the burner is.

Invisacook recommends using the Invisacook only with tested and approved 12mm ceramics.

Compatible Cookware There are many induction quality pots and pans on the market, however, the most compatible pans for the Invisacook are a full clad stainless-steel, thick magnet bottom pan, and Invisacookware.

Non Compatible: Aluminum, all-copper, or glass cookware will not work unless they have a layer on the bottom with magnetic properties. Many manufacturers have started adding a magnetic layer to the bottom of those types of pots and pans; however, it can be very thin and will take longer to heat up than a high-quality induction pan.

NOTE: Cast Iron pans are induction, however, they do get extremely hot due to the content of metals within them, and reflect a large amounts of heat, which over time will not be good for your countertop. Invisacook asks that you don’t use this type of cookware when using the Invisacook.
Testing for Compatibility
To tell if a pot or pan is compatible with your induction stove, hold a magnet to the bottom.

- If the magnet clings to the underside, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop.

- If the magnet grabs the pan softly, you may not have good success with it on your cooktop.

- If there is no pull on the magnet, it doesn’t contain the right metals and will not generate heat.

Note: Many manufacturers have started putting an “induction compatible” symbol on the bottom of their cookware or note compatibility on the packaging. The symbol often looks like a horizontal coil.

Please only use the InvisaMat approved by Invisacook and supplied with the hob.

You can purchase Invisacook from our specialist retail partners in kitchen studios, carpentry shops and furniture stores. You can find the nearest Invisacook partner using our dealer search.

For proper countertop care instructions, please contact your kitchen studio or countertop fabricator.

Invisacook requires a 220V connection.

Please never heat cooking pots and pans without contents. When oil is heated in a pan, the oil becomes very hot very quickly. This can cause stress in the ceramic. Level 5 is sufficient for cooking with oil and helps to save energy.

This is the result of the burners sharing power. With multiple burners on, the unit will automatically attempt to work as efficiently as possible. That being said, there is no need to worry — your burners are still receiving adequate levels of power in order to maintain efficient cooking temperatures.

Yes. The surface will get warmer and warmer over time as you cook, eventually becoming hot to the touch. For your standard short cooking time, the surface will not get that hot. However, once you have surpassed about 10 minutes’ worth of cooking time, the surface will be hot and you should exercise caution around the area in use.

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