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Invisacook Cost – The Advantage  of Invisacook

Invisacook Cost and Prices – The Advantage of Invisacook

The Invisacook generates a Magnetic-fields through its Magnetic-Coils, these Magnetic-fields heat the bottom of your cookware. This has the following advantages:

  • fast cooling Countertop
  • low Energy-consumption
  • short boiling times

With Invisacook, you safe time and energy through its selective cooking process. Using Invisacooks pan detection, only the cooking zone/zones in conjunction with the coil will heat up. Is the cookware removed, the countertop surface will cool down immediately. The Invisacook Induction Units are ideal for familys that cook a lot. Hobby Chefs have plenty of scope for development thanks to the interconnect able cooking surface.

Invisacook represents the most modern way of cooking currently available. Although the principle of induction cooking is old, Invisacook operates directly on the countertop and not on the conventional Glass-Ceramic-Top. The Invisacook Units are slightly more expensive than regular Induction-Hubs, but Invisacook stands for exemplary Quality. Regarding the prices, it can be stated that prices for good Induction-Hubs and Ceramic-Hubs are also quiet high.

Invisacook Cost – Units and Sizes

The number of Invisacook Hubs and sizes can vary, so does the price. Invisacook offers 4 different sizes, from 2 Burners up to 5 Burners. The 3 Burner is mounted in line, so you do not have to reach over your cookware anymore.

The Invisacook 5 Burner comes with a bigger and even stronger middle Burner, perfect for big roasters.

For smaller households Invisacook offers the 2 and 3 Burner Units, perfect for small spaced kitchenettes.

Invisacook Cost – Units and Sizes

Invisacook Pricing – Dealers and Service

Invisacook Cost and Prices - The cost of invisible induction hobs is slightly higher than traditional devices. The price range is wide and for this reason it is best to ask directly Dealer by price. All four models are top equipped and offer comfort at the highest level.

As you can see, the Invisacook-Induction-Units offer many modern funktions that make cooking even more fun.

Discover the Invisacook now and find your nearest dealer!

Your stonemason or kitchen studio will be happy to help you calculate the cost.

What Type of Cookware works best with the Invisacook

Fitting Cookware needs to have a Ferromagnetic bottom, the bottom and Walls of the Cookware should be magnetic. Invisacook recommends the following Cookware:

- InvisaCookware
- Stainless-Steel with magnetic Bottom
- Full Clad-Stainless-Stell

Not fitting Cookware, Aluminum, Glas, Copper, Cast Iron

Invisa Cookware - The cookware for the invisible induction hob

Invisa Cookware - The cookware for the invisible induction hob

Invisacook cleaning and care products

 Invisacook cleaning and care products


The worktop is heavily used during cooking and preparation. In order to maintain the longevity and beauty of your ceramic worktop, it requires special cleaning and care. Depending on the type, a wide variety of cleaning methods are used, which should be taken into account.

For minor soiling, a little TopCleaner and a soft cloth are usually sufficient. With TopCleaner, simple everyday dirt can be removed easily, hygienically and without leaving streaks. It cleans and cares for all kitchen surfaces at the same time.

For more stubborn dirt, we recommend using a small amount of CeramicCleaner. CeramicCleaner easily removes stubborn dirt on ceramic surfaces. With the help of microparticles, CeramicCleaner dissolves and removes layers of oily and greasy dirt, light limescale residue, dried-on food contamination and metal abrasion from pots and knives.

CE - Invisacook cRUus - US and TUV certification - Invisacook CSA - Canada - Invisacook G-Mark - Middle East - Invisacook RCM - Australian Certification - Invisacook UL - USA - Invisacook