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Invisacook - 4 Burner Model N

Invisacook with four Burner  Model N
The innovative Invisacook - 4 Burner Model N inspire everyone. Cooking on the Invisacook - 4 burners Model N is faster, more efficient and also more convenient.
Producer: Invisacook USA
Invisacook - 4 Burner Model N Price:
Invisacook Germany -
The new Invisacook - 4 Burner Model N make cooking child's play with innovative technology.
Invisacook - 4 burners Model N are considered beautiful and safe.

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Size / material Description
Size above 590 x 520 x 55mm
Size below 570 x 490 x 49.5mm
Recommended material and material thickness Ceramic: 12mm
Size cooking points 4 x Ø 180mm

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Spesifikasjoner -Hvordan fungerer Invisacook?

How does the Invisacook work?

The Invisacook is installed beneath your countertop, using its advanced Invisa-Induction-Technology, it works through your solid countertop suface to effectively heat up the cookware. It also creates an adequate cooking space where there might not traditionally appear to be one. Also, the Invisacook-System does not generate direct hear, it remains safe to use as traditional counter space when you are not cooking.
You can watch the video of how it is installed here.

CE - Invisacook cRUus - US and TUV certification - Invisacook CSA - Canada - Invisacook G-Mark - Middle East - Invisacook RCM - Australian Certification - Invisacook UL - USA - Invisacook